London Massage Therapist


Quite simply, our aim is to get you the very best results because your health and wellbeing is important to us! We give you honest and thorough advice with a tailored treatment to match.

Save time, money and frustration! We are here to put those problem aches and pains behind you.

We look to understand you as an individual, as knowing everyone is different. We consider your total health, understanding you both physically, nutritionally and your mental wellbeing. Additionally, we look at any aggravating factors and how to realistically address them whether you book in for a Therapeutic or Deep Pressure Massage.



The two things the body needs is good mobility throughout the body and stability in the areas. This enables us to have great posture, move better and feel better.

The process of getting better is two-way. When you see us, you get our treatment guidance and support both in and out of sessions with stretch and exercises sent to you with video guidance that compliment the stage of rehabilitation you’re at, to maximise your results.



Stress can affect us in many ways with body tension and the way we think. Life stressors from work and family often leaves little time to wind down and look after ourselves. Signs of fatigue, anxiety, altered eating habits may be present but ignoring it could lead to a weakened immune system

We can create better hormonal balance by letting the mind and the body to relax. Our relaxation massages look to leave you refreshed and reinvigorated with a whole body treatment. Areas such as the hands and feet are included to help reduce tension you may have not known you had!

Setting Your Expectations


Sessions are from 30 minutes up to 1 hour and a half and are tailored to your needs

Please dress in appropriate non-loose clothing. Depending on the area of treatment, you may need to remove items of clothing. Your therapist will use towels to cover areas of the body not being treated

Post-treatment discomfort may be experienced, but not always. This is normal and can be part of the healing process.

Exercises, stretches and/or nutritional advice are usually given between sessions to maximise recovery time
Many patients notice improvements from the first session, if not by the first 2-3 sessions depending on the condition.

The objective is to achieve long-term pain relief using natural hands-on healing. This is by getting to the root cause and providing long-term practical solutions.

Your practitioner will discuss with you recommended follow-up treatments, which may be dependent on the consultation and after the first treatment

Corrective Pain Relief


Working along side an Osteopath from Corrective Pain Relief compliments our services with Cupping and Acupuncture included. For many it’s highly beneficial to have a thorough assessment to be clear with not just the diagnosis, but,“What’s causing the diagnosis?” Until we understand the root cause, we’re leaving things to chance. The last thing you want is ending up is recurring pain, which may be symptomatic of something else that needs uncovering.

Through an examination we gain further understanding of what mechanically is causing your symptoms. We often use photo or video technology to measure your progression and to show where you are today, and where you need be. From this we can devise a realistic and progressive plan moving forward.